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Brand Protection Services

It takes a lot of time and efforts to establish a brand in the market. The consumer's identify the company with the brand. This identification and trust between the brands and consumers is broken because of counterfeit products. And if the consumers distrust the brand then it ultimately looses the market share.

We at Striking Vision intelligence Network (P) Ltd. can help you uncover the existence and origin of counterfeit products and subsequent action against piracy. We provide customized solutions to protect the brand in a phased manner. As the first step our teams of investigators detect the source of counterfeit products. Then the research is undertaken to identify the actual manufacturers of the counterfeit products. After this our team along with the appropriate law enforcement agencies conducts actions to actually curtail and catch hold of the manufacturers of these spurious products. Once the above operation is completed we also provide assistance to prevent of manufacture of such products in future with the help of our market research team.