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Due Diligence Analysis

When one enters into a partnership, a joint venture, merger or acquisition, it often requires a due diligence investigation. One needs to ensure that the prospective partner or alliance has the required capabilities, requisite stability and solvency necessary to support the contract. An in depth background verification of the present market standing and the financial status of the prospective partner is conducted by our team of professionals who specialize in due diligence investigations. We provide extensive details that give an insight into the personality traits of the prospective alliance. All the factors that can affect the venture are identified and explored.

Some of the situations that merit a Due Diligence Investigation include:

  • Acquisition, partnership or Joint Ventures
  • Arbitration Proceedings
  • Assessment of the Competitors
  • Certifications of Vendors and Product Representatives
  • Civil and Criminal Litigation History
  • Corporate and Financial Transactions
  • Corporate Documents of the Company and Subsidiaries
  • Employees and Related parties
  • Evaluating the Prospective Clients
  • Financial Information which includes Taxation
  • Credit History
  • Governmental Regulations and Filings
  • Insurance and other Liabilities
  • Details of Personal as well as Business related Investments
  • Contracts and Agreements
  • Property and Asset Searches

Our experienced team helps you to assess the character and integrity of the key company executives and the organization itself. As your need from mergers to acquisitions to capitalization, as well as other specific circumstances arises, Striking Vision intelligence Network (P) Ltd. offers a range of Due Diligence investigation services that will meet your specific needs to successfully complete the venture. Litigation Support and Intelligence