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Workplace Loss and Theft Investigation

At one point or another every employer will experience theft in the workplace. Very few still actually investigate, because investigating a theft case is complex. Faced with challenging economical times, however, businesses are less able to sustain losses and maintain business as usual, making workplace investigations increasingly more important. Employers must be more vigilant and do everything possible to prevent, deter and investigate workplace theft. In order to know what action to take, or to find out whether action is even necessary, the employer has to investigate the incident and ascertain the facts.

Loss and theft investigation involves the shrinkage of products or merchandise; this may include product diversions, shipment hijackings, cash loss, stolen vehicles, raw materials etc. In many cases the extent of loss is difficult to ascertain, however, Striking Vision intelligence Network (P) Ltd .can help you identify, define and calculate the losses and begin an in-depth investigation to resolve the crime and give an extensive report to you.

The benefits of hiring an unbiased third party for employee interviews are immense. A well-planned and executed workplace investigation can be a very effective way to identify those involved with theft and prevent its recurrence.

Further, we provide solutions to minimize additional theft and move forward to seek resolution of the thefts.