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Cyber and Electronic Investigation

The advances in the field of technology have provided the culprits with an opportunity to intrude into anyone's privacy using a false identity. Whether it is unsolicited mails or consistent hacking attempts to retrieve your confidential data, Striking Vision intelligence Network (P) Ltd. can help you to fight the menace and safeguard your organizations interests and protect your employees from harassment and diversion of interest from work.

Striking Vision intelligence Network (P) Ltd .has a team of IT experts who help you to track down the unsolicited mails being circulated throughout your organization by someone that no one is aware of.

Our experts trace the origin of such communication and co-ordinate with the concerned law enforcement agencies in order to bring such a menace to its end.

Further our team can provide you with a detailed IT security plan which enables you to monitor the inward flow of information and also analyze and monitor the outbound electronic communication. We can organize training of key IT employees to prevent Cyber-attacks.